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Kal Tak

Posted by - November 30, 2016
A flagship program of Express News hosted by Javed Chaudhary one of the finest intellectual and experienced columnist which examines important political developments of the day. It is mainly designed to bring into light the major Political/social issues that are faced by country/general public with the purpose of reaching a conclusion and solution through a
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To The Point

Posted by - November 20, 2016
Join Senior Anchor Mansoor Ali Khan who will bring you the headlines and more. Not only a you given updates on what is going on and where, but in this politically centered information show To The Point also opens up interesting and informative discussion about hot topics and current issues with those in the know
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Posted by - November 13, 2016
Join Imran Khan and his guests for their lively discussions on the most current affairs and social issues. Takrar naturally brings you conversation, controversy, and more often than not, a bit of a clash. Mon - Wed 18:05 UK & 19:05 EU
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Posted by - November 11, 2016
A flagship program of Express News. Tracing the tracks of criminals and exposing them in the end to draw attention to authorities to curb the crime and criminal activities. Wednesday 13:05 UK & 14:05 EU
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